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Hello! I'm Marie, a co-founder of ADHD Hive. I'm also the founder of the ND Co-working Group. I'm responsible for supporting our team of volunteer co-working group hosts, which means I get to meet with amazing people from all around the world who are keen to support our efforts. Along with Ross (@adhdnme) I also do site admin and outreach for the Hive.

I'm currently a part-time PhD student in the UK (see the Meet the Team page for a bit more info). I'm passionate about improving access and inclusion in Higher education and advocating for better academic mental health. Am always keen to collaborate with others on #TeamADHD projects, and sometimes need to hold myself back from trying to do All The Things! 😄

It's an honour to meet all of you. Thank you for being a part of the community we're building here at ADHD Hive.


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