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Co-working Group (quiet study)

A quiet, guided session (+virtual "coffee room" for break-time chats).

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ND CO-WORKING GROUP GUIDELINES: PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING What the ND Co-Working Group is: • A safe co-working space for neurodivergent adults to meet, set goals and work on a task, project or chore together. We consider this a virtual workspace and we treat one another like valued friends and colleagues. This means we are respectful of one another and of the space. • We meet on Zoom, have a quick chat at the start of the session, then get on with our work with mics off –but we leave the chat box open (if you arrive late, please keep your mic off but say hi in the chat). NB: All users can save the meeting chat. • At regular intervals, your host will check in (this serves as a reminder to take a break/hydrate/eat/take your meds!), but generally we work quietly together. Just knowing you have an accountability buddy looking out for you can help you to stay on task. • Safe and welcoming. We know that we all bring different backgrounds and experiences to the group and that certain topics might be upsetting or triggering. If you’re uncomfortable with a topic raised during session, we have a safe-word that you can use. Feel free to say “pineapple juice” (or send your host a private message in the chat) and your host will change the topic and/or invite people to continue their discussion in a breakout room. • A FREE service, run by volunteers! However donations are gratefully received. All proceeds go to maintaining the ADHD Hive site and expanding our services (see the Paypal & Patreon links on What the ND Co-Working Group is NOT: • A coaching service. We are unable to provide tailored advice or support. However, you might like to check out our support partners at • A hangout* or social hive. This group is run by volunteers - and we need to get our work done too. Please respect your hosts and colleagues and treat the sessions as workspaces. Continued abuse of session time will result in dismissal from the group. • An on-demand service. Sessions will be scheduled according to host availability. • No-shows: Please note that in the event that no one turns up for a session within 30 minutes of the start time, your hosts reserve the right to end the session. • Questions? Please contact us at *However, if you DO want to hang out with your fellow ADHDers after work, please come and join us at the Friday Night #ADHDparty – book online via the Play page on

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